3-year Strategy

ESPAC has approved the following 3-Year Strategy

Image outlining the Cyber Security Strategy


Download a copy of our Enterprise Security 3-year Strategy

Improve Efficiencies

ESPAC is charged with identifying and reducing risk at the Enterprise Level to ensure data security.  In order to do this, we must seek cost effective solutions and consider vendor consolidations where practical.

Increase Statewide Accountability

ESPAC is funded by a pro-rata assessment on every employee.  As stewards of tax-payer dollars, it is critical that we provide good customer service and hold both staff and vendors accountable for the data we are charged to protect.

Enhanced Public Safety

ESPAC and its leaders are working to build stronger partnerships with law enforcement and prosecutors to ensure that criminal hackers are held accountable.

Foster Innovation

In the ever evolving cyber environment, ESPAC must  be able and agile.  We must seek continuous improvement to be ready for new and emerging threats.

Leverage Partnerships

ESPAC will build new and existing relationships with all levels of Government, Educational, Tribal, and Private sector.  We see ourselves as a resource of information sharing and outreach.

Arizona Cybersecurity Team (Act) Recommendations

The Arizona Cybersecurity Team (ACT) provided seven recommendations to improve cybersecurity in our State.  The recommendations focused on: improving information sharing; strengthening incident response; enhancing consumer protections; centralizing efforts to increase awareness of cybersecurity threats; decreasing risk; helping Arizonans better protect themselves online; and improving our educational programs as part of increasing the talent pipeline, to better prepare our future workforce and defend our organizations.

Download a Copy of Arizona Cybersecurity Team (Act)