ESPAC Committees

ESPAC Committees

Most of ESPAC's work is done in committee.  All agencies are welcome and encouraged to participate.  For more information on joining a committee, fill out the contact us form.

To request a committee - complete the request form located under the resource tab of this website.

Enterprise Security Control Renewal Review Process 

Enterprise Security Control Program Sub Committee Checklist

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Active Committees

AEP Oversight Committee

In the fall of 2019, ESPAC approved the creation of the AEP Committee to look at the current and potential new solutions.  The committee selected a new tool and additional functionality.  The new phase of the committee has begun to provide oversight and direction to the implementation of this enterprise tool.

Vulnerability Management Committee

Through an innovative multi-agency effort, the Enterprise Security Program Advisory Council (ESPAC) the state has made significant improvements in cyber security by achieving the goal of 85 executive branch agencies to attain a vulnerability management standard work score (similar to credit score) of 725 (good credit, good risk rating) or greater. In order for agencies to meet and exceed the Statewide vulnerability management goals and increase their RiskSense scores they need to follow and implement the monthly standard work approved by the ESPAC, including patching and device hardening to be implemented at State of Arizona agencies.

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Upcoming Reviews

Multi-Factor Authentication - FY23

Vulnerability Management - FY23

Application Development Security  - FY23

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